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Webber Research: Hydrogen Tracker Highlights:

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    Recent Highlights
    NKLA Breaks Ground On Coolidge Facility: On 7/23 NKLA announced it began construction on its 1MM sqft…… 
    NEE Eases Into Hydrogen: On 7/24 NEE proposed a $65MM pilot green hydrogen plant with a 20MW electrolyzer in Florida…. 
    MSFT To Replace Diesel Backup Power With Hydrogen: On 7/27 MSFT announced it successfully powered a row of data center servers for 48 consecutive hours with a 150kw hydrogen fuel cell system….
    Linde To Build Refueling Station For World’s First Hydrogen Passenger Train: LIN will build and operate the station and is expected to begin construction in…                                                                            BKR & Snam Complete Testing On Hybrid Hydrogen Turbine: On 7/20 BKR and Snam announced the successful testing of the hybrid hydrogen-powered NovaLT12 turbine