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W|EPC: Venture Global LNG – August 2020 Update

W|EPC: Venture Global & Calcasieu Pass LNG – Satellite Image Review (ICA & Fluor) & More Engineering Changes.

Key Points:

  • Calcasieu Pass Revises Key Engineering Documents (Again). Over the past two weeks Calcasieu Pass (CPLNG) submitted engineering updates to FERC, most of which are marked as confidential. While the substance of the updates and revisions are unknown, the types of documents that were filed indicate possible changes to structural steel design & calculations, equipment flow rates, and the project’s mechanical equipment list. (Page 4)
  • Q2 Progress: Pre-Treatment Unit Module Fabrication – ICA Fluor & the Tampico, Mexico fabrication yard. As previously noted, we believe ICA Fluor is fabricating the CPLNG Pre-Treatment Unit (PTU) Modules in their Tampico, Mexico fab yard. Satellite images show 

  • Pre-FID Feedstock Specs Or Assumptions May Have Changed…

Calcasieu Pass LNG August Update – Key Takeaways.- Page 2
More Engineering Adjustments – Page 4
Changes To Feedstock Assumptions?- Page 4
Satellite Image Analysis – ICA Fluor (Tampico, Mexico) – Page 5
Pre-Treatment Unit Module Overview – Page 6
March vs. July 2020 – ICA Fluor Satellite Image Comparison – Page 7
Closer Look – March 2020 – Page 8
Closer Look – July 2020 – Page 9
Disclosures – Page 10

Previous ICA Fluor Satellite Image

W|EPC: Venture Global LNG: August 2020 Update

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