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Webber Research: Fireside Chat Series w/ TPIC CEO Bill Siwek

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Webber Research: Renewables Weekly 04.06.21

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TPIC: Shuts Iowa/Juarez Facilities – Withdraws 2020 Guidance

We thought we’d pass along a snippet from our recent note on TPIC (4/23) – highlighting both its 2020 guidance withdraw, as well as the shutdown of its Iowa & Juarez facilities – which, while disclosed in subsequent filings, were not highlighted in the guidance suspension press release. For access information email us at [email protected]

TPIC: Newton Iowa Facility Latest To Be Affected By COVID-19. Earlier today TPIC announced it would pause production at its manufacturing facility in Newton, Iowa after 28 associates tested positive for COVID-19 last week. The Newton facility is set to be shut for roughly 1 week for deep cleaning and development of more advanced testing procedures for associates. Additional Updates: Not included in the press release was a series of updates to its other manufacturing facilities:

  • Juarez, Mexico: 1 facility (of 3) temporarily closed due to an order from a division of the Mexico Secretary of Labor. TPIC said it plans to administratively challenge the order but that if it’s not reversed, the facility would be closed through 5/31.
  • Matamoros, Mexico: Reduced capacity timeline extended from 4/30 to 5/31 due to the extension of Mexico’s sanitary emergency order and demands from its labor union.
  • Chennai, India: Resumed limited production with additional personnel on 4/21 (previously targeted 4/15). Other facilities operating at normal capacity, including its 2 facilities in Izmir, Turkey which had been operating at 50% capacity for the first half of April.
  • Guidance Suspension Not Surprising: As a result of the additional facility closures and the general unpredictability of the magnitude and duration of the pandemic, TPIC also announced it was withdrawing its 2020 guidance (Figure 1). The majority of TPIC’s Wind OEM peers and customers have already suspended guidance – making TPIC’s announcement seem largely inevitable – particularly after it had already tempered EBITDA expectations earlier this month (below). TPIC said it would provide an update on its Q120 earnings call (5/7) but we don’t expect a confident reset 2 weeks from now.
  • That said, we do expect the revised guidance to be substantially lower – as we’ve already been modeling 2020 EBITDA 21% lower than the mid-point of….continued

For access information email us at [email protected]

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Webber R|A Barge Week- Part 2: The M&A Menu


Barge Week Continues at Webber R|A with our Barge M&A Menu, out yesterday.

The Barge M&A Menu: Assessing 2020 Consolidation Options includes:

• The Elephant In The Room – Inland Special Situations (Page 2-3)
• High Profile Coastal Distress (Pages 4-5)
• Strategic Pivots Into Ancillary Sectors (Marine Services & Bunkering)? (Pages 6-9)
• Fleet & Company Details, & Our View On Viability & Timing

Laying Out KEX’s M&A Menu: We expect M&A to remain a major theme for KEX in 2020, particularly with several high-profile, ongoing distressed situations in the barge space (Bouchard, ACBL, Harley Marine, etc.). While there’s no shortage of opportunities for KEX to continue acting as the sector’s primary consolidator, the makeup of viable targets looks increasingly diverse. Despite the headlines, the number of traditional M&A opportunities within KEX’s core inland business are actually getting fewer and further between, while distress builds in
pockets of the tangential coastal market (Bouchard ) and the Marine Service & Bunkering markets (Harley Marine, potentially Vane Brothers). We take a look at those scenarios in the pages that follow.

For access information please contact us at [email protected]

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It’s Barge Week At Webber R|A!

KEX: Previewing Q419 Earnings & 2020 Guidance

  • Inland & Coastal Color:                                                                  Page 3-4
  • Inland Spot & Term Pricing Data (Current/Historical):            Page 5
  • Inland Barge Orderbook & Delivery Schedule:                        Page 6

Heading into KEX’s Q4 earnings call (1/30) we expect a focus on: (more…)

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