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Private Equity, Family Office, Hard Asset Investors

Our Buyside Consulting Services cater to the needs of long-term investors across the entire capital structure – with the goal of creating an efficient, thorough, and valuable tool for evaluating potential investments, and performing long-term investment due diligence. As noted below, we can tailor our services to fit our client’s needs, while adding efficiency and expertise throughout an investment’s lifecycle.

Webber R|A: Due Diligence Solutions For Long-Term Investors

  • Long-Term Due Diligence:
    • Valuation Framework
      • Current & Historical Comps
      • Asset Level Valuations (SOTP, NAV, DCF, Scenario Analyses)
    • Relevant Research & Updates
      • Global Context, Market Outlooks, & Sector Themes
      • Competitor Analysis & News
      • Public & Private Comps
      • Supply/Demand Dynamics
    • Key Questions & Focal Points


Packaged Into Quarterly, Semi-annual, or Annual Deliverables, as well as Bespoke Presentations

Webber R|A consulting

Webber R|A provides a wide range of consulting services, both directly, and through our network of partners. We separate our consulting services into three distinct practices:

  • Buyside Services
  • Corporate & Strategic Consulting
  • Technical Project Consulting

Each practice leverages our extensive expertise across the entire energy supply chain, with a deep understanding of commercial, technical and financial dynamics putting us position to add unique insight, context, and clarity for our clients.

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