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Corporate & Project Consulting

Strategic Consulting & Advisory Services

Our combination of industry knowledge, capital markets expertise, independent perspective, and deep connectivity with the public markets gives us a unique ability to help corporates evaluate and execute on strategic options. We’ve built our practice on the ability to analyze and value unique businesses, while keeping the pulse of equity markets and a thoughtful view of long-term dynamics – which allows us to evaluate a potential investment, and also understand how the capital markets will react.

Capital Markets & Deal Consulting

We’ve worked on more than 50 capital markets transactions across the Renewables, Hydrogen, LNG & Energy Infrastructure, Marine, & Transportation spaces, including SPACs, IPOs, M&A, private placements, and alternative capital. We provide both pre- and post-deal consulting services including due diligence, developing materials and presentations, crafting a message or thesis, and provide connectivity to investors and a direct link to market sentiment.

Asset Level & Bespoke Valuations

We provide independent and market-tested expertise in providing asset level and corporate valuations, including:

  • Hydrogen Generation, Fuel Cells, & Mobility
  • Renewables
  • Methanol, Ammonia, & H2 Infrastructure
  • Biofuels
  • H2/Natural Gas Blending
  • Containers, Dry Bulk
  • LNG Supply Chain & Project Development
  • Crude & Product Tankers
  • Small-Scale LNG, Gas-To-Power, & Other Emerging Market Energy Solutions
  • Barges & Equipment

Fairness Opinions

We provide Opinion Letters, Board Presentations, or other filing-ready packages, including vetted, thorough, and accurate bespoke valuations, data, and supporting documentation. We specialize in intricate, complex, and unique situations that often necessitate a high level of recognized expertise, having recently worked on unique LNG projects in the Middle East and US Gulf., while evaluating downstream and upstream projects in South East Asia, South America, and elsewhere.

We also provide DCF-Based vessel valuations across a number of verticals, including tankers, containers, and (in particular) LNG – with a specialty in contracted cash flow and identifying residual value risk in long-term or opaque assets.


Board Presentations & Market Research

We create and deliver BOD-level materials across all of our industries and verticals – whether its evaluating investor sentiment, secular or structural shifts in the market, or simply a detailed market overview – adding an independent and third-party opinion for directors to evaluate or absorb. We’ve presented to boards or business partners for more than a dozen companies spanning three continents.

Why Webber R|A Consulting

Whether it’s long-term due diligence on hard asset investments, bespoke asset valuations or fairness opinions, capital introductions, or corporate engagements, our unique position in the market gives us a valuable perspective to offer our clients.

Webber R|A consulting

Webber R|A provides a wide range of consulting services, both directly, and through our network of partners. We separate our consulting services into three distinct practices:

  • Buyside Services
  • Corporate & Strategic Consulting
  • Technical Project Consulting

Each practice leverages our extensive expertise across the entire energy supply chain, with a deep understanding of commercial, technical and financial dynamics putting us position to add unique insight, context, and clarity for our clients.

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