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Webber Research: Hydrogen Tracker

Webber Research: Hydrogen Tracker 09/09/2020

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• GM Forms Strategic Alliance With Nikola: On 9/8, GM announced it took an 11% ownership stake in Nikola (NKLA) worth ~$2B as well as the right to elect one director to NKLA’s Board, in exchange for in-kind services. GM will engineer and manufacture the Nikola Badger (both the BCEV and FCEV models), and will be the exclusive supplier of fuel cells globally (except in Europe) for NKLA’s Class 7/8 trucks (heavy-duty trucks, including the Nikola Badger, Nikola Tre, Nikola One, Nikola Two and the NZT), utilizing its Ultium battery system and Hydrotec fuel cell technology. NKLA said it expects to save more than $4B in battery and powertrain costs over 10 years and $1B+ in engineering and validation costs, while GM expects to receive in excess of $4B of benefits from the equity value of NKLA shares, contract manufacturing of the Badger, supply contracts for batteries and fuel cells, and EV credits retained over the life of the contract. GM will be subject to a staged lock-up period (beginning in 1 year and ends in June 2025). The Badger will make its public debut 12/3-12/5 at Nikola World 2020
• Ballard Markets First Fuel Cell Designed For Marine Vessel Propulsion
• Siemens Announces Green Hydrogen Systems As Electrolysis Partner
• California Regulators Funds 36 More Hydrogen Stations
• Australia’s First Green Hydrogen Plant
• Germany Eyes Hydrogen Project In Democratic Republic Of Congo
• Freudenberg Sealing Technologies To Develop Special Fuel Cell System For HeavyDuty Trucks
• SunHydrogen Expands Partnership With University Of Iowa
• Wystrach Reveals Its Mobile Hydrogen Refueling Station

M&A Tracker 
• 6/23/20 PLUG Acquires United Hydrogen & Giner ELX:
• Total consideration of ~$123MM (~$65MM for United Hydrogen and ~$58MM for Giner ELX).
• United Hydrogen is a merchant hydrogen producer in North America with production capacity of 6.4t/d with plans to expand to 10t/d.
• PLUG previously announced it held a convertible bond in United Hydrogen which could represent over 30% equity ownership on a converted basis.
• Giner ELX provides PEM hydrogen generators, grid-level renewable energy storage solutions, and onsite generation systems for fuel cell vehicle refueling stations.
• PLUG increased its 2024 financial targets to $1.2B in revenue (from $1.0B), $210MM in operating income (from $170MM), and $250MM in adjusted EBITDA (from $200MM).

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