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Renewable Energy Highlights:

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  • Wild Week For ENPH (page 1)
  • PLUG Acquires United Hydrogen & Giner ELX (page 2)
  • BLDP Follow-On Order From Wrightbus (page 2)
  • JinkoSolar To Supply Bifacial Modules In Chile (page 2)
  • RUN To Launch 2 Virtual Power Plants (page 2)
  • FCEL Restarts Operations At Torrington, CT Facility (page 2)
  • NOVA Closes Solar Backed Notes (page 2)
  • NEL +$3MM Purchase Order (page 2)
  • GE Nearly Doubling Headcount At LM Wind Facility (page 2)
  • SGRE SG 14-222 DD Turbine Backlog Up To 4.3GW (page 2)
  • MHI Vestas Supplier Begins Taiwanese Blade Facility Construction (page 3)
  • Vestas Recent Order Summary (page 3)
  • Denmark To Develop First Offshore Wind Energy Islands (page 3)
  • Germany’s National Hydrogen Strategy (page 4)
  • New Jersey Plans Offshore Wind Port (page 4)
  • EPA Receives 52 New SREs For 2011-2018 (page 4)
  • Australian Storage Capacity To More Than Double In 2020 (page 4)
  • US Net Electricity Generation (pages 5-6)
  • Solar PV Pricing (page 6)
  • LCOE Benchmarks & Timeseries (page 7)
  • Global Wind Turbine Market Share (Page 8)
  • Solar PV Inverter Market Share (page 9)
  • US Wind & Solar Projects Announced Or In Early Development (page 10)

Wild Week For ENPH: Last week ENPH traded down 26% on the back of a short report alleging various accounting violations and more serious fraudulent activity, before recovering most of the lost ground in the days that immediately followed (-4% on the week). From our perspective, the report highlights a number of red flags, however…..

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