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LNG Canada Update: Trouble Ahead For Shell’s LNG Flagship?

An Empty Module Yard & Mounting Schedule Delays

Key Takeaways (pages 1, 5)
Estimated LNG Canada Schedule Shifts (page 2-3)
Satellite Image Review: COOEC Fluor Module Yard Layout (May 17, 2020) (page 4)
Satellite Image Review: Module Layout Descriptions (page 5)
Satellite Image Review: CFHI Module Yard Pre-Assembly Areas (page 6)
Long-Term Thoughts & Key Questions (page 7)

Key Highlights:
• Still Moving At A Crawl. As of May, module fabrication was ~2% complete, well behind our ~11% estimate in W|EPC’s February 2020 (pre-COVID 19) schedule…
• Satellite Image Review: The COOEC-Fluor Heavy Industries (CFHI) module yard pre-assembly areas look…
• Playing Catch Up Won’t Be Cheap. The schedule slip should put even more pressure on the back-end of LNG Canada’s timeline…continued…

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