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Webber Research: 2022 ESG Scorecard

June 2022


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W|EPC: Gorgon LNG – Assessing Potential Operational Contributors To Kettle Cracks, Mid-October A More Likely Restart

August 2020

Gorgon LNG – Pump The Breaks On Crack Narrative: While potential fabrication errors have been the primary narrative around the Propane Kettle cracks that shut down Gorgon LNG, it’s feasible that operational issues (and one in particular) may have contributed or even partially caused the cracks on Train-2’s kettles, which could have significant and more complex implications.

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Force Majeure & The LNG Supply Chain: Scenarios For BH, Kiewit, & Venture Global

April 2020

Regulatory Background: Vogtle is regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission (GPSC). GPSC’s primary role is to protect rate payers & determine if project costs can be justifiably passed-through via utility rates.


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